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About us

What makes us tick

Killer Chefs isn’t about who we are at work. It’s about who we are after hours.

It’s who we are when we sit down to eat with our friends and family.

We take our place around the table, we pour drinks and we dive into an incredible meal cooked by a loved one.


It’s the feeling we get when we bring people together, take our time over food and rediscover the joy of eating at home. 

Image by Chris Liverani


It's simple:

We want eating in to be the new eating out. We want you to be able to create the restaurant environment in your own home, with a Killer Chef behind the menu, so that you can get back to what’s important – connecting over great food.


Food is not just important, it’s a vital industry. We want to build a community of food lovers who want to share in a new way of eating.

But we also want to create technology that puts the power back in the hands of the professionals – the chefs who know the food market, the kitchen and the cuisines like the back of their vegetable drawer. That’s our plan: to reinvigorate the tradition of eating together, by innovating the way we connect with those who know food best.

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