Refer new chefs, earn extra cash.


Become a Killer Chefs' Ambassador today and help us shape the future of hospitality.

Chef Ambassadors refer other great Chefs. All while unlocking the biggest and best rewards along the way.

Unlock new earnings

Get a cash reward for every new chef you refer who can host their entire place – get more per referral than you’d earn today.

The Chefs you refer will also get a cash reward when they make a booking via Killer Chefs.

Your money, your way

Earn money on your schedule. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer.

When and how you get involved is always up to you – you're in charge.

How the programme works


Refer new chefs

Start by inviting chefs who are new to Killer Chefs and don't have an account yet to sign up through your link. Then follow their progress and remind them to get booked.


Get paid

Every time a chef you refer completes their first booking, you’ll get paid.

Terms and conditions

‘Ambassador’ is a current chef signed up with Killer Chefs.
‘Applicant’ is someone applying to become a chef with Killer Chefs.

  • Ambassadors may be eligible for a referral payment for each new Applicant who uses their referral code when applying, provided the Applicant completes a certain number of bookings in a certain time.

  • The amount to be paid will depend on the city the Applicant rides in and the vehicle the Applicant uses.

  • The amount payable is the amount that was advertised by Deliveroo at the time the application was received by Deliveroo from the Applicant.

  • Current referral payments are listed on this page – these are subject to change at any time.

  • The Applicant must enter a valid referral code on their application form to be eligible for payment.

  • The Applicant must have not worked with Deliveroo previously.

  • The Applicant must onboard and complete 30 deliveries within 60 days of applying.

  • Each rider can refer a maximum of 50 Applicants per year.

  • Use of Deliveroo’s logo, branding, website or other intellectual property is not permitted in relation to this referral scheme or otherwise.

  • Referral payments will not be made to anyone who does not meet these terms, or is believed to be abusing the scheme

  • Deliveroo reserves the right to change referral fees at any time without notice