The icing on the cake

Killer Chefs

So, you’re thinking to yourself

“I’m interested. What else do I get?”

You mean besides the chance to craft the menu you’ve always dreamed of cooking, the ability to decide your own work schedule and the full support of the Killer Chefs team, so you can focus on what you do best?

Well, we’re growing together and we want our community of chefs to feel part of the team.

So, we’ve thought up a few ways to reward you.

A slice of the Pie

Sharing is caring.

Our shares scheme lets you earn equity in Killer Chefs – the business you’re helping to build.

The more bookings you get, the more equity you earn.


So not only do you earn money from cooking, but you’re also fairly rewarded for helping Killer Chefs grow.

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We manage our scheme using Vestd, an equity distribution platform
regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Even more perks

On top of the shares scheme, we offer a range of discounts and perks that you'll actually use. These perks have been carefully curated to ensure they help to grow and support your business.


With new partnerships developing every day, the list of perks is always growing. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Full Support

Starting a new business can get complicated.

We’ll be here to help support you every step of the way.

Setting up

We’ll provide you with advice on prices, settings and other tips that will help you get going and get more bookings.

Ongoing assistance

We’ll share tips and tricks, and keep you in the loop with company updates so you’re always in the know.

There’ll also be plenty of online resources and an active community of chefs to connect with.


24/7 contact

Our team is standing by night or day
to support you by:

- Email

- Whatsapp

- Live chat.

Your Questions Answered

Ready to become  

a Killer Chef?

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