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'Instant Booking'

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What is it?

Instant Booking is a booking type that allows clients to instantly book your menus. It confirms booking request automatically, saving you time.

Instant Booking will help you get more business, as people like the option to book immediately without having to wait. If you enable instant bookings, you attract more serious clients that want to secure their meal.

Benefits of Instant Booking

  • Maximise bookings

    With Instant Booking, clients are just one-click away from a confirmed booking. Booking right then and there, there's less need to shop around!

  • Search boost

    In addition to getting a badge to highlight your profile, you’ll also have a dedicated search filter. It's a win-win.

  • Exclusive control

    Opt-out at any time. You can easily switch from Instant Booking to 24-hour booking review from your account.  

  • Save time

    When you receive bookings automatically, there is no need to review and approve each booking request manually.

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Attract more bookings with 'Instant Booking'

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