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Calling all (Killer) Chefs

The hospitality sector as we all know is full of challenges and can be hard on morale in the long run.

Being a Chef has its perks. And like many roles, its downsides too.

For one, it can be stressful: putting in long hours with few days off can be demoralising, workload can be intense, entry barriers for setting up your own business are high (opening a restaurant, a market stall or anything in between is time consuming and can seem out of reach) and let’s also not forget that just being a good chef is not often the same as being a good salesperson or marketer. 

Social distancing and its financial implications have exacerbated the situation, with chefs all over the capital wondering what the future holds. It is frustrating but we’re with you on this. 

What Killer Chefs and private Chefs have in common is passion: a passion for food and a passion for what we do. 

And that’s why we’re here proudly introducing Killer Chefs, the platform designed to elevate independent chefs like you - whether you’ve just hosted your first dinner party, are on your way to a second Michelin star or are looking for a new career challenge, Killer Chefs is for you.

We want to support the industry by giving Chefs entrepreneurial opportunities, where the only credentials are ensuring you’re keen, ready to learn and ready to get cooking new foods at your own pace. We can offer you all the tools and training to find clients and cook extraordinary meals in Londoners’ homes.

Our commitment to you:

- You’ll take back control of your career- you’ll work only when it suits, you’ll create your own menus based on your specialist cuisines and you’ll make money on your own terms. Whether it’s your sole role or something you’re picking up to make ends meet, we are here for you.

- We’ll listen - no voice will go unheard. Your feedback will help us grow and create a Killer Chef community.

- You’ll be part of the team: we’ll grow together and promise we’ll give our 100% to make this work for all of us.

- To really reinstate understand how much we appreciate you being part of our family on this journey together, we’ll also make you a company shareholder.

Our Mission: Give power back to the chefs and make eating in the new eating out.

We want to create the restaurant experience in homes across the capital.  

If you want to be a Killer Chef too, then join our arsenal HERE.


The Killer Chefs Team

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