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Killer Chefs has a Killer new identity

As they often say: ‘new year, new me’. This is why at the beginning of 2020 we decided we needed a change. This time it wasn’t about a new haircut, going to the gym more often, or swapping that old sofa in the living room for a brand new one.

It was about a true ‘Extreme Makeover - startup edition’. 

As you may or may not know, we were called The DiningClub not long ago. 

We’re so glad of what we have achieved with The DiningClub and where it’s taken us through the course of 2019, but we felt like the name and the visuals weren’t reflecting our vision and personality. 

The DiningClub simply wasn’t doing enough justice to our community of Chefs: who are our chefs? What makes them stand out? 

Neither was it an inclusive enough name for our community of foodies. Also, (as someone pointed out) it sounded a bit ‘crusty’ (with all due respect to crusty names).

Choosing a new name is a big decision..

That’s why you find the best out there and literally trust them with creating a new face for your business. 

We worked with the geniuses at Rose Design who were great in understanding exactly what we wanted, so we gave them freedom to transform our vision into reality.

We wanted a name and a visual identity that was modern, punchy, bold yet sophisticated, but above all, a name and a visual identity to stand out. 

It's taken us months of sweat and tears to get to this stage (we’ve added some drama to create 'that' buzz, you know..), but we think we’ve now got the X-factor.  

Killer Chefs definitely ticks all the boxes for us. 

The Chefs are our heroes - we want to turn the spotlight back onto them and create meaningful eating experiences, to bring the occasion of entertaining back on the agenda. 

Our first love is FOOD and with Killer Chefs, you’re all our guests and we’ll make sure you’ll have a killer experience.

Why can’t we book a great chef at the click of a button?

We can book a car, a massage, a blow-dry, all sorts of takeaways so why not a chef?

Killer Chefs is on a mission to re-invent the way people eat at home to make 'eating in the new eating out’. 

Little did we know at the beginning of this year that it would have been a tough one. 

As we all know, this year has been particularly harsh on the hospitality industry (amongst many other sectors) and our mission to support great, independent chefs is now even stronger than ever.

It can only get better from now, and we’ll be there to empower our chefs and clients in the search for the perfect (killer!) experience. 

Select your chef. Pick a menu. Host a fantastic evening at home. All using Killer Chefs for a true Killer Experience.  As simple as that.

We will be launching our brand new, improved app once Covid-19 social restrictions have been eased. 

Our crystal ball 🔮 tells us - it’ll be better than ever. We’ll finally be able to meet again, hug again and share memories together. And what better way of sharing memories if not around the table?

We’re dying to meet you all in person (all puns intended!).

Until then, let’s all stay positive, strong, supportive. ✌️

Much Love 🖤

The Co-Founders @ Killer Chefs 

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